A Quiet Mind

I hit a wall. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with challenging circumstances. I’ve allowed these circumstances to take over my mind and suck my energy dry. I’ve allowed these circumstances to steal my joy. I’ve allowed these circumstances to make me doubt myself, and in response I have slowly added more and more “stuff” to my plate in effort to prove to myself that I am valuable, worthy and competent.

I’ve lost opportunities for meaningful connection with people who are important to me. I’ve lost connection with myself. I’ve lost focus. I’ve developed bad habits. I’ve said things and acted in ways that aren’t characteristic of who I truly am… all due to getting caught up in things that don’t. really. matter.

Needless to say my sense of purpose, direction, and internal guide have become completely drowned out by purposeless white noise in my head. My mind has been full of chatter – false narratives fueling self-created drama that just isn’t necessary or true.

So today, I sought a quiet mind. I walked in nature and stood in the rain in silence. I wrote again (first blog post in months!) I gave myself permission to stop thinking – I emptied my mind and let my soul do the talking. I gained clarity, peace and perspective. It’s amazing what you are able to hear when you tune into a different frequency.

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