Actions and Outcomes

At the beginning of summer I was really focused on my health. I maintained a healthy diet, and was consistent with my exercise. Then I went away for a week to the cabin where I allowed myself to abandon my routine. That was four weeks ago, and I still have not been able to get back in the “groove” toward meeting my health and fitness goals. My thought patterns go like this “a couple bites of ice cream today won’t hurt,” or “I’m tired, I’ll make sure to exercise tomorrow,” or “I’ll get serious about it next week.” I run into similar situations with other goals. I have a goal to do more art by my brain says “I don’t know where to start.” (and so I don’t). I have a goal to read more books, but then Words with Friends grabs my attention (and the books sit on the shelf gathering dust). Sound familiar?

This morning I was thinking about my goals and ambitions, and realizing that I’m getting caught in these procrastination cycles (whether they be due to lack of clarity, or lack of motivation, negative self talk, etc.), that keep me from achievement. I become a passive participant in creating the life that I want. If you can relate, try reciting the following mantra every morning or every time you start to feel “stuck” in that cycle.

“Your actions today define your outcomes tomorrow.”

It’s a simple, but powerful, phrase that helps guide you back on track when you start to become derailed. When I got up this morning I spoke these words to myself, and set some intentions for my day. I decided that intentionally working on my goals starts today. If you want to achieve your goals, try a new hobby, live out one of your dreams…. take action today. Even if it’s one step. Take action today. Even if your brain says it can be put off until tomorrow. Take action today.

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