Make the first move

I don’t know about you, but when I think of making a change, or pursuing my dreams or even something new, I sometimes get stuck. I’ve dreamt about things like starting my own communications/graphic design business, or pursuing my art and music, or going back to school to start a new career. Just as quickly as the idea pops into my head, my mind likes to respond by saying things like “you aren’t very good at that so why try?” or “You’ll never be able to make a career out of that” or “you’re too old to start something new.” blah blah blah. So, this usually causes me to go into paralysis. If I can’t see the end result or ensure “success” I talk myself out of it, without even trying.

Then the simplest thing hit me… All of those discouraging statements will be 100% true if I don’t make a move. I’ve learned that it is near impossible to have anything in life figured out 100% in the beginning – most of the times, clarity comes as you’re on the journey. You need to make the first move to set things in motion. One move will make you one step better, make one relevant connection, open up a new door that you didn’t know existed…etc…

Today – I made that first move. I visited a place in town called the “Creator’s Space” which provides shared studio space in a variety of creative mediums, and also offers a variety of classes. I didn’t sign up for a class…yet. But I made the first move. And it won’t be long until I visit again and start getting things in motion.

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