Realizing Greatness

U2 at Madison Square Garden

It was just over a year ago that I attended my first U2 concert – The Joshua Tree tour, in Chicago. That concert catapulted me into a bout of emotion-laden tears, and with a burning desire to re-explore my creativity. That concert was actually the inspiration behind and launching point of “Leading with Love.”

Why? I often think about what touched me so much that night at that concert. And I realized it was because I was in the presence of greatness. Four guys from Ireland who got out of their own way and just let their hearts lead them to do what they were born to do (not to mention, they seem to be loving it along the way). They remained committed to their path, and only continued to get greater at what they do (inspiring so many through their craft). The band is still together after 40 years. How inspiring is that????

I was blessed enough to be able to see them again live last week at Madison Square Garden in NYC (the tickets were a Christmas present from my wonderful boyfriend). I was so excited to see them again, and it was everything (and more!) than I hoped it would be (I was sitting second row, right next to The Edge – my fave!). Aside from being Uh-MAZE-Ing…. it didn’t hit me until a few days later, after arriving back home, how badly I NEEDED that “U2 therapy” to re-inspire myself. It’s been about nine months since my last “Leading with Love” post (shameful). Why? I gave up. I did NOT stay committed. I could never decide what to write because nothing seemed good enough, interesting enough, powerful enough (you get the picture). I certainly wasn’t getting out of my own way (Thanks U2, for that reminder) and letting my heart lead. I let my head dictate instead.

Anyway, to my point. I do not see myself as one of the “great ones.” But after some post-U2 reflection, I have come to understand that everyone has greatness inside of them. EVERYONE! (Isn’t that great news!). The challenge is realizing that greatness inside yourself, and untapping it to live your full potential and purpose. So. Here’s to the start of getting out of my own way and realizing my greatness. And, Here’s to everyone else out there looking to realize their own greatness! I’m right here with ya!

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