Making Ripples

MakingRipples-01One of the most important components of ‘Leading with Love’ is the people that we interact with. When we choose to ‘Lead with Love’ we have three main audiences to consider: our self, our inner circle, and our outer circle.

  1. Our self: This just might be our hardest audience. At least it is for me. ‘Leading with Love’ in the way we treat ourselves requires that we abandon negative self talk, and those unsavory feelings like guilt, fear, unworthiness, etc. It also requires that we go easy on ourselves, and redefine “perfection” as “doing our best.”
  2. Our inner circle: Our inner circle consists of our loved ones and those close to us: our spouse or significant other, children, other family members, and close friends. ‘Leading with Love’ with this audience requires selflessness, and a whole lotta patience!
  3. Our outer circle: Our outer circle includes our acquaintences and the rest of the world! ‘Leading with Love’ with this group is all about the energy and attitude we project into the world.

When we start at the center (with our self) it creates a ripple effect outward. When we choose to treat ourselves more lovingly, we become better equipped to share that love with our inner circle, and project more love into the world (which is what the world needs, in my opinion!).

Get out there and make some ripples!


  1. A couple thoughts.
    When focusing on number(our self) I find a gratitude journal useful to help keeping away from negative self talk and other negative feelings.

    Who is the first person we interact with everyday? Ourselves of course. So the positive ripples have to come from within if you want the ripples to effect all the circles?

    Just some of my thoughts about this post.

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    1. Thanks for the reply. I love this! Both the idea of a gratitude journal and the thought that the first person we interact with is ourself. I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but it’s so true! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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